Arval Consulting


Arval Consulting Services includes comprehensive consulting: analysis, matching, selection of tools, offering and supervision over implementations.

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SMaRT methodology

Author's Arval tool

New online tool supporting the energy transformation of the customer's fleet, including in particular the development of electromobility in fleets.

  • audit of the client's fleet policy
  • fleet analysis (TCO, driver profiles)
  • setting goals and direction of changes
  • alternative mobile solutions
  • strengthening the Client's activities in the field of sustainable development
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Consulting EV

consulting ev arval
Consulting Arval

Undertaking activities aimed at increasing customer awareness of the available solutions in electromobility

  • Development of market analyzes
  • Preparation of recommendations and solutions adequate to the Client's needs
  • Develop implementation plans
  • Post-implementation support
arval driving academy

EV Arval Driving Academy


Arval Driving Academy is a driving technique improvement training program dedicated to Arval customers. It is part of a strategy aimed at increasing driver safety, improving efficiency and reducing the negative impact on the environment.


1. Technological differences between an electric car and using conventional fuel.
2. Electric vehicle driving technique:

- instant torque
- regenerative braking
- range optimization

3. Panel "others may not hear you"
4. Defensive driving keys also in relation to the type of vehicle you are driving
5. Chargers and charging of electric cars


1. Audit of defensive skills
2. The use of recuperation (e-pedal) in defensive driving
3. Exercises consolidating the correct standards of behavior of an electric car driver - prediction, distances, observation points