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Innovation 2 Sep 2020

Arval Service Lease Polska, a leader in the long-term full service vehicle rental industry, belonging to the BNP Paribas Group, introduces a new solution for customers who want to optimize the use of the fleet. Thanks to the new Arval Car Sharing service, it will be possible to use one car by many drivers, and the rental process will be carried out entirely through the mobile application. Car sharing will be possible for both new vehicles and those already in the fleet.


Arval Car Sharing is another element of the "The Journey Goes On" service package, created to help companies return to normal functioning after a period of "social quarantine". The new solution makes it possible to provide employees with one or more cars for business trips. Vehicles can be rented for a period from one hour to several days. Users use a convenient mobile application that allows you to book a car, start the vehicle, and report any damage. Fleet managers have the ability to monitor mileage, fuel consumption and vehicle availability on an ongoing basis. The application is available for Android and iOS.


Vehicle sharing is one of the most visible trends in mobility. The recent months of the COVID-19 pandemic have, however, caused many concerns about the safety of using publicly available cars. Car sharing inside the company is a solution adapted to these unusual times, because vehicles are used only by people we meet at work anyway, and the vehicles themselves can be additionally regularly disinfected. Sharing company cars is also a good way to quickly provide mobility for many employees, without the need to significantly expand the fleet. All thanks to a more efficient use of cars - says Daniel Aleks, Procurement, Remarketing & Mobility Director at Arval Service Lease Polska, responsible for the mobility area at Arval.


Arval customers can implement the company car sharing service in newly ordered cars, but it is also possible to launch it for already used vehicles.


The implementation of the Arval Car Sharing service in the company takes place in a few steps. We analyze the client's needs and their fleet policy, and then adjust our offer to them and configure the service. For fleet managers, it is a very convenient solution that does not make them work, because thanks to our platform they do not have to issue keys to users, lead them to the vehicle, or describe the condition of the car in paper reports. Instead, the application will serve as a virtual key, will show the user the way to the car selected for him and allow him to report any damage. As the end of the rental takes place only in the parking lots designated by the company, the cars are always available in the same place. The Arval Car Sharing application also has a special functionality for companies using electric cars. These vehicles are distinguished on the platform with a completely different layout, so the user immediately knows that they are renting an electric car and can see the level of its charge - explains Maciej Przyborowski, MTR Manager at Arval Service Lease Polska, responsible for introducing the car sharing service.


In addition to the moment of booking, the service does not require the use of the Internet, so the application will also work in underground car parks and other places with limited coverage. A subscription to a carsharing platform covers a period from 24 to 60 months.


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About Arval:

Arval specializes in renting vehicles with full service and in new mobility solutions. The total fleet leased by Arval consists of 1.3 million vehicles worldwide (December 2019). Every day, over 7,000 Arval employees in 30 countries offer clients - from large multinational corporations to smaller companies and individual retail clients - flexible solutions that will make journeys trouble-free and sustainable. Arval is a founding member of the Element-Arval Global Alliance. It is the longest operating strategic alliance in the industry and a global leader in fleet management, with over 3 million vehicles in 50 countries. Arval was founded in 1989 and is fully owned by BNP Paribas. As part of the organization, Arval is part of the Retail & Banking Services division.

About BNP Paribas:

BNP Paribas is a leading European bank with an international reach. It is present in 72 countries and employs over 202,000 employees, including over 154,000 in Europe. The Group holds key positions in three main activities: Domestic Markets and International Financial Services, where retail banking and financial services networks support the Retail Banking & Services department and banking for enterprises and institutions (called Corporate & Institutional Banking), which serves two franchises: corporate clients and institutional investors.

The Group helps its clients (individuals, social associations, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations and institutional clients) in the implementation of their projects thanks to a wide range of solutions: from financing, through investments and savings to insurance protection. In Europe, the Group operates on four domestic markets (in Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg), and BNP Paribas Personal Finance is the European leader in consumer loans. BNP Paribas is developing its integrated retail banking model in the Mediterranean, Turkey and Eastern Europe, and has a wide network in the western United States. In banking for enterprises and institutions as well as activities in the field of international financial services, BNP Paribas also occupies a leading place in Europe, has a strong position in North and South America, and is growing rapidly in Asia-Pacific countries.


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