Samochody poleasingowe dla Klientów indywidualnych

Used cars

Welcome to Arval’s post-lease section. Here, you will find a large offering of high class vehicles. When choosing one of our post-contract vehicles you have a guarantee of top quality, a reliable source and an attractive price.

A post-lease vehicle from Arval is a number of benefits:

- Wide choice – we can offer you cars of the most popular makes including BMW, Audi, Volvo, Opel, Škoda and Toyota, but also Mercedes, Nissan, Mazda and Mini.

- Top quality – we supplement our fleet with approx. 10,000 cars per year, which end up in post-lease sales after a maximum of five years of use. Therefore, you can be sure of the origin and top quality of your post-lease vehicle from Arval.

- Vehicles exclusively from legal sources – all of our cars come from a legal Polish sales network. As a result, we guarantee that the vehicle is fully roadworthy and safe. After the sale, we provide a set of documents, including the original of the vehicle ownership book.

Used cars

Klienci indywidualni

Individual customers

Visit the new portal, which has been created for individual customers. Here, you can review offers of carefully selected post-contract vehicles of the most popular makes, including used BMW, Audi, Volvo, Opel, Škoda and Toyota models.

Individual customers
Aukcje samochodowe dla dealerów

Car auctions for dealers

Bid for post-lease vehicles on the MotorTrade platform, which is dedicated to authorized used car dealers.

Car auctions for dealers
Odkup samochodu

Purchase of post-contract car

Check the ability to buy a post-lease vehicle at the end of the contract.

Purchase of post-contract car

Why is it worth choosing Arval?

Full service and insurance history

We provide a full history of the use of the vehicle, including its service history, the list of spare parts used and information on any collisions there may have been

Detailed inspection

Before being put up for sale, all of Arval’s used cars undergo a detailed inspection

Documented mileage

Our My Arval Mobile and Arval Active Link apps enable the collection of detailed information on the use of the vehicle

Independent expert opinion

Every used car has an opinion of an independent expert, as a result of which we can offer you a reliable valuation in accordance with the vehicle’s market value

How to buy a used car from Arval?

Our post-lease cars are available to everyone – both individual customers and people or companies who deal in used cars. Current users of leased cars from Arval are also able to buy their vehicles. For more information, choose the option of interest to you by clicking on the appropriate tab.

You will certainly find something for yourself in our wide range of used passenger cars. If you have any questions or you are looking for a specific solution, contact us by phone at 22 45 45 500 or by e-mail at


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