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All about rental

  • How long-term rental works?

    Long-term rental is an innovative solution, which can satisfy the needs of professionals and small and medium-0sized enterprises. It combines vehicle financing with administrative and maintenance services.

    How does it work in practice?

    You pay a fixed monthly instalment and you get to use a new car or a company car for a specified time and mileage, in accordance with your actual needs. You can bring us an offer from a dealer and we shall finance every new car, or you can benefit from the offers we have prepared with very attractive discounts. We handle all aspects of servicing and tyre replacement and, if necessary, we shall provide replacement cars. We handle the difficulties of managing one rented vehicle …or the whole car fleet. 

    So you can use new cars, while taking into account the rental expenses in the budget as a fixed monthly amount, which is also advantageous in your tax settlements.

    Leasing Kupno
    All services included (include link to services) ✔️
    Cost predictability ✔️
    Save time from maintaining vehicle ✔️
    Invoice management Fixed monthly charge Variable charges
  • How medium-term rental works

    Choose the class of the car that suits your needs and the length of the rental from 1 to 24 months.

    Your business is growing or you need a van for the summer peak season or you are hiring new salespeople: we support each of your needs! Medium-term rental is the solution to your growing needs or short-term problems!

    Medium-term car rental allows customers to rent a vehicle for between 1 and 24 months. All you have to do is specify the length of the contract and the related mileage and we select the most suitable model and deliver it to you the next day. Such a solution works well while waiting for delivery of new vehicles, during short-term projects or seasonal work, as well as giving mobility to employees coming from further away. The contract covers vehicle servicing, insurance and assistance.