Business lease 14 Nov 2019

Employees of Poczta Polska from mid-November this year. they will deliver parcels using electric Nissan e-NV200, which will be provided by Arval Service Lease Polska in the long-term rental service. The post office currently has the largest fleet of utility electric cars in Poland.


In the coming days, electric cars will go to Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin, Warsaw and Wrocław. Renting electric cars by a state-owned company is part of the "Plan for the development of electromobility in Poland" prepared by the Ministry of Energy, which is part of the "Plan for responsible development".

- Poczta Polska has decided to rent electricians because of savings, but also for the sake of air quality, reduction of CO2 emissions and the desire to provide employees with more comfortable working conditions. This is the first investment of this type, but probably not the last. As part of the "Electromobility" program being implemented, Poczta Polska will strive to modernize its fleet - says Paweł Przych arriv, Vice President of the Polish Post for Logistics.

Cars for Poczta Polska in the long-term rental service will be provided by Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. o.o. The post office will benefit from a 36-month lease of these vehicles along with their service. This service is particularly advantageous for electric cars. An institution that decides to rent for a long term can benefit from ecological mobility, without using large funds to buy a car. Nor does it have to be afraid that the car will lose value - the landlord takes the risk.


The full vehicle insurance package in the scope of civil liability and AC, together with the accident protection, will be provided by Postal Postal Insurance Company.

-  The fleet handed over today is the first such large fleet of electric utility vehicles in the public sector in Poland. Due to, among others such contracts, the development of electromobility in Poland clearly accelerates. We are glad that Arval Service Lease Polska can be part of this process. This is one of the elements of our business strategy, which also includes plans to reduce CO2 emissions and harmful substances from company fleets - emphasizes Grzegorz Szymański, Regional Manager of Central Europe at Arval.

Long-term rental is increasingly popular in Poland. As shown by Arval Mobility Observatory, as many as 44 percent medium-sized enterprises plan to increase the share of operational leasing in financing their fleet in the next 3 years. Every fifth new company car in Poland has been in the Full Service Leasing service since the beginning of 2019. Interest in electric vehicles is also growing, and the Polish public sector may become a precursor to these positive, pro-ecological changes.


The Nissan e-NV200 is equipped with an 80 kW electric motor and a 40 kWh traction battery, enabling a maximum speed of 123 km / h and 301 km city driving range according to the WLTP cycle. The vehicles can be charged with alternating current (AC charging, also from a 230V socket) or direct current ("fast" DC charging). The load capacity of the vehicle is 742 kg, the volume of the cargo space is 4.2 m3. Vehicles have, among others regenerative (recuperative) braking and parking assistance (reversing camera with integrated driver's side mirror). The loading space on the floor will be lined with non-slip lining. The vehicles are white, marked with the logo of Poczta Polska, with a designed indication that the vehicle is electric.


- Nissan, as a pioneer in the electric car market for mass customers, fits perfectly into market trends, for years offering business customers a wide range of zero-emission solutions depending on their individual needs and the nature of their business. The Nissan e-NV200 delivery van, which has just joined the fleet of Poczta Polska's park, is a perfect combination of a compact van with high load capacity and a quiet, emission-free electric drive - said Agnieszka Łyżwińska, Sales & Network Director at Nissan Sales CEE.


Poczta Polska is the largest logistics operator in the country. Employees of Poczta Polska have at their disposal 6,000 vehicles with a load capacity of 0.5-24 t, 30% of vehicles are under 4 years old. Over 30,000 postmen and couriers deliver several million parcels daily.

Poczta Polska is counting on the benefits of renting electric cars. Experts estimate that they are less emergency and cheaper than combustion ones. It regards, among others that the electricians do not have a gearbox and clutch, the cost of a possible repair is high. In electricians, there is no need to change the engine oil, and brake pads and discs wear much more slowly. This is due to, among others from the fact that brakes in electric cars are used less often than in combustion cars. During stopping, a large part of the energy is absorbed by regenerative braking, which charges the battery. However, above all, it is cheaper to charge the battery than to refuel.


The company has been conducting the largest electric car tests available in Poland on the domestic market since 2018. In April last year, cars of seven manufacturer brands with a load capacity of up to 800 kg took part in them. Drivers of Poczta Polska for three months checked, among others handling characteristics (e.g. acceleration, speed, braking, maneuverability), driving comfort and ergonomics, battery charging method and the number of kilometers that can be traveled. At the same time, in addition to cars, various types of charging stations lent by their owners were tested. In mid-May this year subsequent tests of electric cars up to 3.5 tonnes, this time with a load capacity over 800 kg, have been completed. Eight car brands available on the Polish market took part in them. Postcards recently tested truck tractors powered by liquefied LNG.



Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. z o.o.

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