Fleet experts

We focus on getting to know our clients’ and users’ needs better in order to take full advantage of leasing. The long-term rental service is often treated as a B2B (business to business) relationship. At Arval, we see it as a personal relationship with the Client: this is how we understand “individual approach in business”.

One adviser who knows the client well

The Account Manager, namely the Customer Carer, is the main contact point for the fleet manager in all the day-to-day aspects of car fleet management. Whatever the customer needs – help in negotiating the best conditions or in managing vehicle maintenance and repairs – he or she can rely on our specialists to support both fleet managers and users.

Our Account Managers find the right solution, in line with the content of the framework agreement, Service Standards Agreement (SLA) or fleet policy.

  • 1. Consulting

    Arval Consulting offers the best solutions for mobility and fleet management – including an overall mobility strategy for your employees.

    We assist our clients both in creating new mobility strategies and offer analysis of existing activities. We show the benefits of different mobility solutions for the company. We inform our clients about the impact of tax changes on their business, help them make decisions on fleet management, showing the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions, so that the client can make a responsible decision based on financial considerations.

    The strategy of car fleet management and the company’s mobility strategy are implemented through a series of actions that take into account the Client’s requirements and determine how the company should operate. Thanks to Arval, the company's mobility policy is fully consistent with the Client's objectives. We help in the analysis of the policy and its adaptation to the requirements of the company and the industry, and provide support in optimizing the fleet so that it can carry out the tasks entrusted to it in the area of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and function as effectively as possible.

  • 2. SMART

    Arval is the only company on the market to offer the SMaRT programme - support in achieving the objectives of sustainable mobility and responsibility. This new methodology, leading to green mobility in Europe, helps define and implement a strategy for the energy transformation of the fleet. We guide you step-by-step, covering specific future ambitions for your mobility and fleet strategy, a comparison with market data and an assessment of your current fleet in terms of key performance indicators for CSR.

  • 3. Account Team

    The automotive and fleet industries are changing rapidly, becoming more complex and innovative. In this changing environment in which Arval operates, we believe that what distinguishes us is the way we care for our clients and drivers, the knowledge of our teams and the quality and ease of access to our services.

    That is why we have created a dedicated account team - a unique structure providing access to expert knowledge for our clients and drivers just when they need it, so that you can focus on your core business.

    A dedicated team of experts on your side, serving as your own “mini leasing company” that plays an active role in serving your fleet and drivers.

    Benefits for you:

    You know exactly who to contact in a specific case because you have been assigned one team that knows the history of your fleet precisely.

    You can enjoy faster response times because all the experts are better able to communicate with each other within one team.

  • 4. Global solutions

    International Business Office (IBO) is a centralized organization dedicated to serving international corporations. You can access, negotiate and implement your global fleet strategy through a single point of contact for all countries, taking into account local specificities. Wherever you are, we can advise you on solutions with global expertise and quality.