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Low emission fleet from Arval

Arval can help you move to low-carbon mobility while providing better conditions for employees. Today’s responsible fleet management must take social responsibility and sustainability into account.

  • 1. Electric vehicles

    We can conduct a “SMART audit” of your fleet, analysing the use and needs of the car fleet to identify the right ones for you. We analyse the category of vehicle, its use and mileage, and advise whether electric or hybrid vehicles could help your company reduce costs and meet its CSR goals. We even offer electric vans.

    Charging stations

    The offer of Arval’s electric vehicles includes a charging infrastructure, installed both in the office and at the driver's home. This means that you will always have enough charging points – with registered use and a simple payment system – when your fleet needs it.

    Test it before you rent it

    We make it easier to switch to electric cars. Driving and charging electric vehicles is new for many corporations. That’s why we offer a trial period: you can test an electric vehicle for a month or two to see if it is suitable for your company and return it at no extra charge.

  • 2. Safe Driving Ambassador

    Become an Arval Safe Driving Ambassador

    You look in the mirrors, keep a safe distance, avoid traffic events? Join our campaign!

    Drive for 12 months without damage, in the final, present an idea for a campaign to improve road safety.

    The most important task of the Participants is to drive the vehicle in accordance with the applicable regulations, responsibly and with due caution, resulting in improved road safety and a reduction in the number of incidents involving the car. Entry into the competition is voluntary and free of charge.

  • 3. E-invoice

    A proven solution for fleet management. The electronic invoice helps take care of the environment, facilitates the information flow, reduces the cost of sending and archiving documents and provides greater security.

    Download the electronic invoice consent form (hyperlink)

    Go to the e-invoice portal (hyperlink)

  • 4. Arval Driving Academy

    In accordance with our mission, which is to take care of drivers and cars, we have launched a safe driving school for our customers. We teach techniques that help increase road safety, improve driving efficiency and reduce the impact of cars on the environment. Arval Driving Academy is the first project of this kind in the car rental industry.