Arval is a provider of comprehensive mobility. Sometimes the needs of fleet management extend beyond the regular fleet. As a reliable partner, being a part of BNP Paribas bank, we can help you at every step of your journey.

  • 1. Full Service Leasing

    A client who decides to take advantage of an operating lease pays a monthly rent for the use of each rented car. However, Arval, as the owner of the car, handles the contacts with all partners, e.g.:

    The client transfers the risk of servicing, repairs, maintenance and insurance, as well as all work related to these activities to Arval.

    The work applies to the daily management of the car fleet, reporting and cooperation with drivers and monitoring expenditure.

    The client decides which duties he wants to delegate, while retaining control of the fleet.

    The price of the instalment already includes all fees (insurance, assistance and servicing). Arval does not charge any additional fees. Additionally, the client does not have to enter into any contracts with other entities and make payments in various places for different services.

  • 2. Replacement car

    We provide constant, reliable mobility. No matter what happens to your fleet, we can provide a replacement vehicle to keep your business going. We make contingency plans and manage logistical risks. Arval undertakes to provide drivers with a replacement vehicle in case of a breakdown or accident.

    Having one leasing partner who manages your fleet, you don't have to look for short-term last-minute contracts with external suppliers. Arval can deliver a replacement vehicle to your company’s headquarters under a valid lease contract in the same class as the vehicle you use day-to-day. Each replacement vehicle is subject to the same range of services as the leased car.

  • 3. Medium-term rental

    Customers look for solutions guaranteeing the advantages of vehicle leasing, but without long-term liabilities. Arval’s medium-term rental is a simple and flexible product.

    Medium-term car rental allows customers to rent a vehicle for a period of between 1 and 24 months. All you have to do is to specify the term of the contract and the related mileage, and we select the most suitable model and deliver it to you the next day. Such a solution works well while waiting for delivery of new vehicles, during short-term projects or seasonal work and provides mobility for employees coming from further regions. The contract covers vehicle servicing, insurance and assistance.

  • 4. Car sharing

    Car-sharing is Arval’s innovative solution that enables employees to gain benefits from jointly using cars, while maximizing resources. Car-sharing is also a valuable instrument for reducing costs. It can be easily integrated with the HR policy as a benefit for employees, promoting both health and well-being, as well as corporate social responsibility. A better offer of mobility increases your commitment to CSR. By being at the forefront of the mobility revolution, you place your company at the forefront of sustainable development.