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We make every effort to provide our clients with the highest level of service. Therefore, we also expect the quality and service that our clients require from the suppliers with whom we are working intensively.

Frequently asked questions

For current and future suppliers

How can I become a supplier of vehicles and services to ARVAL?

We shall willingly look at your company’s offering – we would ask anyone interested in working with ARVAL, as well asn anyone who wants more information to contact us by e-mail at

Where should I send by commercial offers?

Generally, ARVAL obtains offers from suppliers with whom it has signed cooperation agreements. If you have an attractive offering and do not have a signed cooperaiotn agreement, please contact us at

For how long does ARVAL sign contracts with suppliers?  

Contracts are signed indefinitely after a probationary period of the cooperation.

How much time do I have to submit a proposal?

The deadline for submitting a proposal and the expected period of its validity is always specified in the contract with ARVAL.

Can ARVAL withdraw from an order?

The terms of withdrawal from an order are described in the cooperation contract and apply, for example to situations of long delivery delays. Other situations are always resolved through negotiations with the supplier.