Long-term rental of Hyundai

Do you manage a business in the SME sector? Do you need a car for yourself or your employees? Choose Hyundai in the Long-Term Rental formula from Arval.

Choose from among all the Hyundai models currently available on the market.  The principles of long-term rental of Hyundai from Arval are straightforward. Entrust financing and management of Hyundai to a specialist company, such as Arval, for a specified time and mileage. The contract with us enables us to take advantage of numerous services chosen in accordance with actual needs: normal and exceptional maintenance, tyres, insurance, roadside assistance and others.

Long-term rental from Arval enables you to take advantage of a fixed monthly charge for the duration of the contract without the need to remember all the problems related to managing and maintaining the vehicle (breakdowns, exceptional expenditures, resale of the vehicle). You don’t know whether to lease, purchase or rent? A tip from us: Arval’s long-term rental formula is cheaper – it enables you to save up to 25% on the costs of Hyundai. Any more questions? You can obtain more information from our consultants.

We encourage you to choose your Hyundai.

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