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Information on the operation of Arval during the COVID-19 epidemic

Dear Sir or Madam,

In connection with the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we would like to provide you with up-to-date information on the activity of Arval Polska in this particular period and assure you of the full continuity of our business processes and that we strive to receive from us and our partners service at the current level.

Arval's operations are continuous, despite the implementation of special security procedures for our employees, the vast majority of whom work from home using on-line tools. We monitor the activities of all our partners on an ongoing basis and immediately respond to any difficulties related to servicing our vehicle users.

Our consultants are at your disposal to answer any questions and, if necessary, present solutions tailored to the challenges that all of us faced with the coronavirus epidemic. We also encourage you to contact us if there is a need on your side related to urgent supplies of new vehicles, changes and flexible adaptation of conditions to the current situation, as well as on ensuring the continuity of services rendered, e.g. by quick and trouble-free extension of rental contracts ending in the near future .

For the purposes of inquiries that may relate to the impact of the current epidemiological situation on our current cooperation, we have prepared a contact form available below.

At the same time, we ensure that all existing communication channels from Arval, both by phone and e-mail, are at your disposal at all times.

Sincerely and wishing you a lot of health,

Robert Antczak,

General Director of Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. z o.o.

The most important information about the company's operation during the COVID-19 epidemic

Tire change - information for drivers

Dear Users!

Please be advised that in accordance with the communication of the Ministry of Health of April 8, 2020 it is possible to arrange relocation and exchange of tires under the agreement with Arval.

We would like to remind you that it is worth installing the My Arval Mobile application on your smartphone, which will allow you to order tire relocation and arrange a replacement. Application login instructions are available HERE.

Tire change - information for business owners and Fleet Managers

Dear Sir or Madam! Please be advised that in accordance with the communication of the Ministry of Health of April 8, 2020 it is possible to arrange relocation and exchange of tires under the agreement with Arval.

We remind you that to activate the application by the user it is necessary for you to send to Arval the current list of Arval fleet car users, including:

· first name and last name; · e-mail adress; · Car registration number; · Mobile phone number.

We kindly ask you to provide this data as soon as possible. We also encourage you to use the application manual.

Due to the dynamically changing situation, before a planned visit, we recommend calling the service to confirm the appointment.


Car collections

We invite you to pick up the car and at the same time we ask you to exercise caution and responsible behavior in public space.

We are not indifferent to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic and understand that the current circumstances are extraordinary for all of us. Please contact your Arval supervisor if you need more time to prepare to pick up your ordered car. At the same time, we would like to point out that the restrictions on movement introduced in the country do not include activities related to conducting business activities.

We would also like to inform you that in accordance with the concluded contract, the calculation of fees arising from the contract may begin, regardless of whether the vehicle prepared for you has been picked up.

If you have questions or concerns, we remain at your disposal.

Changes in the implementation of service visits

Please be advised that as a result of the Ordinance of the Minister of Health announced on March 24, introducing nationwide restrictions on movement, the dates of service visits scheduled by the State for cars rented by Arval may be subject to change. Arranging a new site visit may be temporarily difficult.

At the same time, we would like to point out that you still need to follow the recommendations of the used car manufacturer, and if you notice a fault or a breakdown of the vehicle, immediately contact the service, and in the event of damage, contact Arval immediately.

If you have arranged service work in recent days, there are two ways to confirm that your visits will be completed on time:

a. A visit arranged directly at the mechanical or bodyshop service - please contact the service representative to check if the planned work will take place on time;

b. Door to door service provided by Arval - the process will be coordinated by Arval. In the near future you will receive information whether the service will be completed on time.

We would also like to inform that our service partners disinfect vehicles for the safety of customers and their employees.

We are dealing with extraordinary circumstances. Due to the state of the epidemic in force in the country, some car service owners decide to temporarily suspend the provision of services in order not to expose customers and employees to the risk of coronavirus infection. This is an exceptional situation and requires understanding for all of us.

At the same time, we ensure that all existing communication channels from Arval, both by phone and e-mail, are permanently at your disposal.

The full list of websites cooperating with Arval can be found in the My Arval Mobile application and on the website.

60/5000 What precautions have we implemented in the context of COVID-19?

As part of the BNP Paribas Group, we strictly follow the Group's guidelines and implement the recommendations of relevant authorities in every market in which we operate. The vast majority of our team members work from home in a fully digital environment, and we limit the presence in our buildings to an absolute minimum.

We ensured communication continuity using a number of digital tools. Already two years ago, Arval introduced a full remote work program, which is our basic solution in the current situation. We also have full infrastructure support for BNP Paribas. Our teams are fully ready to act for clients and partners, with care for health.

As a company, have we felt any impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our business?

We carefully monitor the possible impact of this situation on our business, which allows us to rapidly implement the measures necessary to ensure continuity of customer and partner service.

Which of our services have been affected by the COVID-19 situation?

At this specific time, all Arval teams are involved in providing services to our clients, while complying with all guidelines issued by competent state authorities. Every day we work closely with our partners and suppliers to best understand the market situation and try to anticipate further developments. Everything to minimize difficulties for customers. All digital tools and phone numbers remain unchanged, and fuel cards or fine tickets remain available. Car pickups resulting from concluded contracts are underway. The dates of scheduled service visits may be delayed. The start of the relocation and tire replacement process has been postponed. If you are a driver and need more information, please contact the driver service department. If you are a customer, please contact your account manager.

Are the workshops and vulcanization plants fully operational?

Roadside assistance in Poland is available. For other services, the situation is variable. Due to the ordinance of the Minister of Health announced on March 24, introducing movement restrictions across the country, the tire replacement season is delayed this year. At Arval, we're ready to relocate and replace tires as soon as restrictions are lifted. Due to the ordinance, the dates of scheduled service visits for cars rented by Arval may also change. We ask drivers to postpone minor repairs to their cars. All Arval teams are involved to minimize customer inconvenience. For more information, please contact the driver service department.

Can I return the car?

Please contact your Account Manager regarding returning the car or extending the contract.

Is the MTR service available?

The MTR (medium-term rental) service is available. We also inform that cars are disinfected before each release.

Didn't find an answer to your questions? Contact us

In a difficult situation, we have launched additional tools to handle your inquiries directly related to the epidemic and its impact on the standard functioning of the company and the service of your contract. We respond within 48 hours.


The webform is intended for customers of all sectors, Partners, Suppliers and all who need information related to the functioning of our company during an epidemic.
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