Mid Term Rental : Whenever you Need to Start your Journey

"Pick your vehicle, click your term, and drive away ! "


When you need a car or van, quickly. You choose a category, we'll give you a lease for 1 to 24 months. Simple!

Peace of mind

You get full access to Arval services and outstanding customer service. 


A wide choice of vehicle categories, all best-in-class and fully-equipped. 

Services Rental Medium-term

Services Rental Medium-term

Maintenance support

We shall conduct all servicing repairs, technical support and inspections within your monthly instalment.


You receive Assistance 24 hours a day.

Replacement car

If your car is immobilized you can take advantage of a replacement car.

Fuel cards

You get fuel cards and attractive discounts on fuel, regardless of the number of cars rented.

My Arval app

The My Arval Mobile app gives you support in the everyday use of your car e.g. when looking for a garage for servicing or for storing the necessary data and information.


You receive attractive financing for 30 to 60 months. We do not require a down-payment.


We give you a car(s) with an insurance package: TPL, MOD + driver and passenger accident insurance.


Trust in us

The power of a global partner with over 30 years leasing experience, at your side

Partner with us :

Our expert team helps you to get the best match for your needs.

Rely on us :

We are here whenever you need us - digitally, or personally.

Just Drive :

We make the whole proccess of running a vehicle easy.