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Another year of Arval’s rapid growth

Another year of Arval’s rapid growth

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Rapid organic growth in 2018

Arval’s comprehensive services in car leasing and full service are provided by 7,000 employees in 29 countries.

Last year, Arval’s fleet grew by 8.2% reaching a total of almost 1,193,000 cars.
At that time, the company ordered over 353,000 cars from dealers, which was 9% more than a year earlier. The number of vehicles that customers decided to buy at the end of the contract has remained at the same level as in 2017, namely 254,207 cars.

Arval is still recording growth in the countries which have been of key business significance to it: 5% in France, 5% in the United Kingdom, 19% in Spain and 8% in Italy. Growth was in double figures in other areas in which long-term car rental is less saturated: 12% in the Benelux countries, 16% in Southern Europe, 14% in Central Europe and 25% in the Nordic countries.

In 2018, Arval recorded growth in all corporate customer segments: 4% in the segment of large enterprises and the public sector and 17% in the SME sector. The number of international customers increased by 7% and currently amounts to more than 25% of all of Arval’s customers.

Additionally, Arval has been successfully developing its offering for individual users; the number of cars intended for this sector increased by 45% in 2017–2018. An online automotive store was launched in the Netherlands, where individual customers were able to choose a car that most closely reflects their needs and rent it together with a full service. Arval’s objective for 2019 is to also introduce this solution in the remaining countries of Europe.


Environmental protection and digitization – review of Arval’s services launched in 2018.

As a company with ambitions to set industry trends, Arval launched several innovative solutions in 2018:

  • SMaRT – namely Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets.  This is an innovative 5-phase methodology of analysing the fleet in ecology terms. It was designed to support customers in moving to more ecological transport, which is particularly important in the face of ever-increasing interest of ecological companies in solutions for their fleets.
  • Arval’s electrical vehicle offering: The company has entered into a strategic partnership with vehicle manufacturers, electricity suppliers, as well as providers of charging services to enable its customers to not only have access to electric vehicles, but also to an appropriate infrastructure. The company is introducing the installation of charging points at home and at the place of work, integrated payment solutions (automatic refund of costs) and appropriate digital services (e.g. monitoring consumption and location of the charging point). Arval not only offers electric vehicles at attractive prices and the ability to rent such a vehicle for a trial period, but also provides additional services, including the option to replace the car with a vehicle that has a different drive for short periods, e.g. for holidays. The service is already available in 12 countries, including France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany and is being extended to other markets.
  • Arval For Me – this is a digital solution through which Arval is providing its offering to private individuals, giving them access to know-how, network of service facilities and other conveniences which were only available to date for corporate customers. Arval For Me gives its users full access to comprehensive services, including servicing and repairs (of the chassis, tyres, windscreen etc.), as well as related transport services (replacement vehicle, door-to-door collection) and towing. The platform is currently available in Italy and Spain, where approx. 12,000 people use it.


Development prospects in 2019

Arval’s strategy for the coming years is further development driven by digital technology, including mobile applications. These make Arval’s services convenient and easily available, primarily shortening the process of managing a company car to several clicks on the smartphone. Arval’s development path heading towards implementing innovations is also reflected in the company’s HR policy and its new approach referred to as Employee Value Proposition. This approach involves investing in employee development, as a result of which the beneficiaries of the company’s digital transformation are to be both employees and, in the longer term, customers.

One of the most important tools that Arval provides to its customers for managing its fleet and an individual car is the My Arval portal.   This is both support for the customer in all ongoing matters and a powerful database of data registered throughout the vehicle’s life cycle of use. Combined with technologically advanced solutions, this gives Arval the position of the leader of the leasing industry.

In terms of human resources, the company pursues an approach the main slogan of which is “Arval, A place for people in action” requiring that employees are given the resources they need to be able to implement new ideas, work efficiently and develop.

Because we attach a great deal of importance to our services addressing market trends, we expect substantial growth in 2019. We are present in all countries and segments, so the achievement of 9% growth this year appears to be within our reach. Arval’s integrated offering, extensive choice of cars and course towards technology and focusing on data analysis enables us to address customer needs, even those regarding the battle against climate change in which we are also taking part, – says Alain Van Groenendael, CEO of Arval.


Arval Polska is also growing

The popularity of long-term car rental is a global trend. Even Poland has been recording systematic and rapid growth in this area. Arval grew the fastest in the industry in 2018. “The long-term rental market in Poland grew by 17% in 2018, generating 1/3 of the record sales of new cars. Arval Polska grew faster than the market at that time, supplying more than 10,000 cars to its customers,” says Grzegorz Szymański, General Manager of Arval Polska.

The fastest growing customer segment on the Polish market is currently the SME segment. Last year, Arval addressed a special offer to them combining proven solutions on the financing of company cars with the ability to hand over the whole of the process of supporting them to specialists. Regardless of the number of cars in the company, this allows entrepreneurs to not only save time but also to precisely assess the costs of ownership of company cars.

In the segment of individual customers, Arval Polska has expanded its offering to include the ability to purchase post-lease cars over a special sales platform. The best models with a documented history and a positive opinion of an independent expert are posted there.

In 2019, Arval Polska is announcing the launch of an offering of vehicle rental for private users. This option is currently available as a benefit for employees of companies using Arval’s services.

At the same time, the company’s Polish branch is attaching a great deal of emphasis on corporate social responsibility. Arval Polska’s plan for 2019 takes into account the development of ecological transport, including an increase in the number of charging points and the launch of such solutions as car sharing. Furthermore, the company plans to train 1100 of its customers this year on safe driving. It is also starting up a further edition of a special programme named Safe Driving Ambassador.




Agnieszka Goworek  – agnieszka.goworek@arval.pl  


About Arval:

Arval was founded in 1989 and is fully owned by BNP Paribas. Arval specializes in full service leasing; it offers its customers – large multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and professionals – solutions tailored to their individual needs, optimizing the movement of workers and outsourcing the risk related to fleet management. Arval has also recently activated an offering for individual customers. Expert advice and quality of service, which constitute the basis of Arval’s promise to customers, is offered by more than 7,000 employees in 29 countries. The total fleet leased by Arval consists of 1,193,910 vehicles throughout the world (December 2018). Arval is a founder member of Element-Arval Global Alliance. This is the longest running strategic alliance in the industry and the worldwide leader in fleet management, with more than 3 million vehicles in 50 countries. At the BNP Paribas organization, Arval operates within the core division of retail banking.



About BNP Paribas:

BNP Paribas is a leading European Bank with international coverage. It has a presence in 73 countries, with more than 196,000 employees, including more than 149,000 in Europe. The group holds key positions in the three main types of business: Domestic Markets and International Financial Services, where the network of retail banks and financial services is supported by the Retail Banking & Services division, as well as Corporate & Institutional Banking, which supports two franchises: corporate customers and institutional investors.

The Group helps all of its customers (individuals, social associations, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations and institutional customers) in the implementation of their projects with a wide range of solutions from financing through investments and savings to insurance cover. In Europe, the Group operates on four national markets (Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg), while BNP Paribas Personal Finance is the European leader in consumer loans. BNP Paribas is developing its integrated model of retail banking in the Mediterranean countries, in Turkey and in Eastern Europe, and has a large network in the western part of the United States. In corporate and institutional banking, as well as international financial services, BNP Paribas also holds a leading position in Europe, has a strong position in North and South America and is growing rapidly in the countries of Asia and the Pacific. 


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