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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Customers make the decision to buy a used car on the basis of an assessment of the vehicle’s technical condition. This is what 41% of respondents declared in the SW Research survey. How do you not buy a “pig in a poke” without expert knowledge? Buy a post-lease vehicle with an expert opinion and a documented service history. Arval launches a post-lease vehicle sales platform.

According to the Samar institute, more than 1 million used passenger cars and commercial vehicles of a mass of up to 3.5t were registered in Poland in 2018, which means 7% growth on the prior year.[1] At the same time, over 600,000 more vehicles appeared on Polish roads, which is 10% year-on-year growth.
However, buying a used car is subject to a risk; a defective vehicle or a vehicle that has been in an accident can be bought unknowingly. The solution may be to take advantage of the offer of post-lease vehicles. They have a guaranteed, true mileage and their technical condition is confirmed by an expert opinion of an independent expert.
Arval Polska has launched a sales platform at www.uzywane.arval.pl, where it presents attractive models of post-lease vehicles with extensive photographic documentation and description of its fittings.


Post-lease vehicle – you don’t have to be an expert to choose safely

The buyer can theoretically check everything himself. The Central Vehicle Records give such details as the year of manufacture, information on the insurance policy, the roadworthiness test and the mileage. However, this database does not take into account such information as whether the vehicle has been in an accident, the history of roadworthiness tests, the appearance of the vehicle in the register of pledges or whether the vehicle is subject to bailiff enforcement. The risk of a dishonest seller turning back the odometer is also unavoidable. Sales advertisements frequently do not contain the vehicle’s VIN number, which is required to check its condition without personally inspecting the vehicle.

In the case of post-lease vehicles, experts conduct the inspections, while the customer makes the decision on the basis of the conclusions from their assessment.

Knowing that a good technical condition is crucial for the vehicle buyer, before the vehicle is added to the platform, the experts conduct a thorough inspection of such issues as the condition of the suspension, the odometer reading, regular servicing and visual wear and tear. The fluids and oils are changed in the vehicles and, if necessary, the interior is fully valeted. Customers buying vehicles from our offering can have peace of mind that they are choosing a safe car with a full history,” says Daniel Aleksa, Arval Poland’s Remarketing and Partnerships Director Director.

Post-lease vehicles are also a good offering for people choosing newer cars. This criterion was declared by 17% of respondents in the SW Research survey. Cars are usually bought from a leasing company after being used for between a dozen or so and approximately 5 years. The package includes a guarantee of not only the car being bought from a legal source, but also from Polish showrooms.


Full service and insurance history

The service history tells a great deal about the condition of a car. One in five respondents in the SW Research survey mentioned this as the main criterion applied when choosing a vehicle.
However, it rarely happens that a private owner collects all the information as precisely as a leasing company. For instance, Arval Poland provides photographic documentation to interested buyers if the vehicle was in a road accident.
The data provided to potential customers by Arval Poland gives them full information on the car as early as at the stage of seeing the advertisement in the Internet.
Equally importantly, we guarantee that the vehicle was serviced at the best authorized service stations. Conclusion: the customer does not bear a risk. “A company car is frequently bought and replaced for reasons of prestige. Such cars – most frequently premium vehicles – are returned to us in a practically ideal condition,” says Aleks.


Companies care about cars

Despite the prevailing stereotypes, post-lease vehicles are among the best looked after on the used car market. Leasing companies and lessees themselves currently have solutions that reward accident-free and ecological driving. In order to do this, Arval’s customers can take advantage of a telematic platform, which gives access to detailed information on the vehicles (including CO2 emissions) and driver behaviour.
This is both a stick and a carrot. Lessees pay contractual penalties for the destruction of a car, which does not arise from its normal use. Therefore, users have a reason to take care of the cars provided to them by their employer.

The survey of customer preferences on the used car market was conducted on 20/11–21/11/2018 by SW RESEARCH using the on-line interview method (CAWI) on the SW Panel internet panel. 1061 interviews were held in the survey with people aged over 18.


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[1] The data does not include vehicles that were re-registered in Poland.

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