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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A reduction in the level of claims with regard to the company fleet, including a reduction in the number of parking damages, a reduction in the costs of mechanical repairs, lower fuel bills and an improvement in the performance of the field staff.   These are just some of the benefits that the employer can obtain by proposing that employees using company cars attend safe driving training.

The training also improves the safety of company car drivers.  “Since we started sending our employees on the courses, the number of accidents caused, namely those in which the damage was caused through the driver’s fault, has dropped from 25% (data for 2014) to 10% (data for the first half of 2017),”  says Marek Andruchów, Manager of the Internal Services Team at BGŻ BNP PARIBAS.  

BGŻ BNP PARIBAS is currently Arval Polska’s largest customer – a leader in the lease sector and the fastest growing company on this market in Poland – has a fleet of more than 1,000 cars.  So far over 300 employees using the company fleet have benefited from the training.

Training on safe driving is becoming a part of the fleet policy in many organizations.  Some of our customers train every new employee and the training is renewed every few years,” says Paweł Racis, Arval’s Sales Director.

The training lasts one day when, under the supervision of experts, drivers improve their driving techniques, build awareness of threats on the road, learn to anticipate and respond to threats and effectively take advantage of modern safety technology (ABS, ESP, etc.). “In addition, eco-driving education means that the company reduces its fuel costs, while modern telematic programs help monitor progress in the skills of workers and improve their performance,” said Marek Andruchów, Manager of the Internal Services Team at BGŻ BNP PARIBAS.

The employees willingly take advantage of training of this type because they also benefit from the knowledge they gain from it every day.  “The training has meant that I feel more confident behind the wheel.  Learning to use such systems as ABS and ESP in practice is useful not only while performing company duties, but also when travelling with my family,” says Lukasz Knapiński, Personal Finance Regional Director at BGŻ BNP PARIBAS.

Eco-driving training is a model example of corporate social responsibility, where the collaboration between two companies is focused not only on their own economic benefits but also on benefits to the employees, society and the environment.  Arval and BGŻ BNPP have their own business objectives, but social and environmental objectives extend beyond the sector.  A CSR strategy is needed, together with the desire of managers for projects to arise giving everyone satisfaction extending beyond just “delivering results”, stemming from the creation of a “good business”.  And only such an understanding of CSR makes sense,” says Małgorzata Zdzienicka-Grabarz, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Office at BGŻ BNP PARIBAS.

Arval Driving Academy is one of the first programmes improving driving skills of drivers on the Polish fleet market.  It is being pursued in collaboration with renowned driving schools and is available in Poland’s largest cities.  The training is dedicated to drivers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.  The programme encompasses, among other things, improving skills of predicting risks when driving, improving techniques of moving around in traffic and driving, as well as teaching reactions in the event of a threat and the administration of first aid.  




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