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Arval for drivers

Your drivers play a key role in cost reductions

Arval offers a unique interface through which your drivers' vehicles are chosen, managed and serviced. We inform them of their usage via up-to-the-minute digital tools, and help control costs.

One single point of contact

Arval handles all aspects of the leasing contract with the driver: the selection and configuration of the vehicle, based on the criteria set out in your company's car policy; vehicle ordering and management; and driver training, including on eco-friendly use and safety. We manage any complaints that come up, make service bookings, and manage accidents in the unfortunate event that they happen.


Keeping drivers alert and aware

Information is key to a successful relationship between Arval and the drivers it oversees. As a result, we offer your drivers a consistent flow of data: via state-of-the-art mobile applications, and access to an online platform that includes an archive of historical data. That way, your drivers are regularly informed of their usage of the leased vehicle -- and aware of the corresponding costs.


Controlling your running costs

On average, companies using Arval find that their running costs decrease by 10%. How do we do that? Simply by improving your drivers' behaviour at the wheel. Drivers are involved as much as possible in the use of their car, and are kept informed about it, too: a quarterly summary compares their damage record, servicing costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with pre-established standards.


Measuring driver satisfaction

We like to ensure that the relationship with Arval is beneficial from your drivers' standpoint. We therefore survey them regularly to find out about the condition of the vehicle they took delivery of and the quality and speed of the service provided to them as clients, at the time of delivery and beyond. And we welcome any recommendations they might have as to improvements in the relationship.






Digital services tailormade for your drivers

Arval brings the latest technology to its relationship with drivers: mobile applications that inform them of their vehicle use, but also that help sharpen their skills at the steering wheel.

my Arval Mobile

This mobile application provides your drivers with the vehicle-specific information and documentation that they need, when and where they need it. In the process, it saves your company valuable time and money. The application, which is available for iPhone and Android mobile users, offers live maps pointing out the closest service and maintenance sites. Drivers can book a service appointment directly via their smartphone or tablet, and they can also access a wallet full of helpful documents.


Features available to drivers via My Arval Mobile include:

Use of GPS technology
Full vehicle details and a countdown to the renewal date
Direct access to Arval's round-the-clock telephone support teams
Mapping of service and maintenance sites
A service booking page


Arval Drive Challenge

Arval Drive Challenge is an entertaining digital game that has the added merit of improving your drivers' performance at the wheel. This free mobile application (available for both iPhone and Android users) is designed to raise drivers' awareness of how they drive and, hopefully, have a positive impact on it. Arval Drive Challenge uses the mobile phone's GPS technology to measure drivers' speed, acceleration and braking patterns. It highlights areas that need improvement, and hands out rewards for good driving. Here is a list of some of Arval Drive Challenge's special features:

  • Uses GPS technology

  • Measures driving performance on every car journey

  • Identifies areas for improvement

  • Unlocks rewards

  • Links directly to social media