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Arval Driving Academy

We care about cars. We care about you.

We have launched a safe driving school for our clients in accordance with our mission of caring for drivers and cars.
We teach techniques that help improve road safety and driving efficiency, while reducing the negative impact of cars on the environment. Arval Driving Academy is the first project of this kind in the car rental industry.


Thematic areas

  • Best driving techniques.
  • Threats and the scale of the driver’s liability in road traffic.
  • Anticipating and responding to road hazards.
  • Forces acting on a vehicle in motion.
  • Practical use of safety technologies (ABS, ESP, etc.).
  • Safety rules for transporting passengers (including children in child seats).
  • Correct operation of the steering wheel, accelerator and brake.
  • Efficient urban travel with reduced fuel consumption and shorter travel times
  • A reminder of the most important changes in the traffic regulations.



The trainers the Arval Driving Academy are rally drivers and instructors with many years of experience in medical rescue, traffic psychology, motor sports and training on driving techniques. We work with renowned schools, including Tomasz Kuchar’s Academy of Safe Driving, Driveland, Tomasz Czopik’s School of Safe Driving and Michał Kościuszko’s Driving School.

What will you gain by sending your employees to training at the Arval Driving Academy?

  • A reduction in the loss ratio in the company’s fleet, including a reduction of parking damage.
  • A greater sense of safety of drivers and their passengers.
  • A reduction in the cost of excessive mechanical repairs of the vehicle.
  • A reduction in fuel costs.
  • An increase in the efficiency of field employees.
  • The integration of the principles of safety within the company’s fleet policy.
  • Monitoring of the development of driving skills with modern telematic programs.


4 locations of the Arval Driving Academy in Poland

The students use our vehicles and specialized devices during the training. After a brief theoretical part, our students verify the knowledge they have gained by practising on racing tracks, which gives all the participants a great deal of adrenaline. 

Try the training and see.


Please contact your Account Manager at Arval or call: 22 45 45 500.

If you want to learn more about Arval’s activities of improving road safety and other initiatives related to our corporate social responsibility policy, please visit the “Our Responsibility” tab.