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What is Longterm Rental?

Long-term rental for private customers is a product of financing vehicle rental in Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. z o.o., providing administrative and maintenance services. You pay a fixed monthly installment and have a new car at your disposal for a specified period of time and mileage according to your actual needs. Arval takes care of all aspects of tire service and replacement, and also provides replacement cars if necessary. 

The type of cars 

  • Vehicles in a specific configuration, included in the current Arval offer.
  • The offer includes a specific annual mileage limit on a given vehicle (3 options to choose from) and a fixed financing period.

In Arval, we have prepared offers for specific car models with specific equipment. You will find them on the website in the tab: Catalogue. By completing the form, you agree to contact our consultant who will provide you with a detailed specification of a specific car model. The availability date is indicated in the offers of specific car models. For some offers it is possible to pick up the vehicle in a few days, other offers may have a longer waiting period. To speed up the time of order fulfillment and vehicle registration, please follow the process instructions indicated by the consultants.

For whom?

The long-term rental offer for natural persons is available to people who have been employed in a given enterprise under an employment contract for at least 6 months and have a PESEL number. For fixed-term employees, the financing period for the vehicle is required to be shorter than the rest of the employment.

How does it work?

  • Ask for details
  • Arval consultant contact
  • Inquiry and Credit Analysis *
  • Pick up the car

*To apply for a rental of a vehicle for natural persons, you must complete the form that will be provided to you by our consultant. In the next step, a scan of the employment and salary certificate should be sent to the following address: The document should be completed and signed by the company's HR employee.